Chimney Heat Exchanger for Wood Pellet Stove
Chimney Heat Exchanger for Wood Pellet Stove
Chimney Heat Extractor

This is not just a stove pipe with fins.  It has something inside it too (sort of like a big catylitic converter). To  make it more efficient at extracting heat from the exaust gasses.   Burn less wood pellets and/or heat a larger area.  Why let all that heat escape up the chimney?  Increase you Wood Pellet Stove's Effiency!

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Turn your Chimney into a Heat Radiator !
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To order your own Chimney Heat Exchanger for $99 plus shipping just email me and we'll make one for you.
With the Chimney Heat Exchanger your wood pellet supply will last much longer.  Your wood pellet stove will become much more efficient so you will be able to slow the wood pellet burn rate down and still get the same amount of heat.  Or if you want to heat a larger area you will be able to get more heat out of your wood pellet stove with the chimney heat exchanger.  Why let money go up your chimney?